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Cleaning Aerospace Parts with Ultrasonic Cleaners

Industrial Large Quintuple Tank With Automatic Robot Hand Cleaning Ship Parts Aerospace Components Jet Engine Nozzles

It can be hard to clean heavy loads and big components with light or heavy contamination without damaging them. Not only do they get covered with difficult-to-remove carbon buildup and grime, but many parts also present intricate surfaces as well as delicate components. Like aerospace parts, regular maintenance procedures are strictly prescribed for aircraft jet engines and include thorough cleaning and inspection of fuel nozzle assemblies. Now Granbo Technology Industrial is proud to introduce Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning technology to these hard-cleaning objects: ship parts, aerospace components, large batches of smaller parts, heat exchangers, engine blocks.

Aerospace Ultrasonic Cleaner
Aerospace Ultrasonic Cleaner

Advantages of Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

  • Capable of cleaning precision parts with complex shapes such as cavities and grooves
  • Cleaning can be carried out at room temperature or with appropriate heating (about 50 ℃)
  • Save solvent, clean paper, energy, workplace, labor, etc
  • No damage to the workpiece surface
  • The integrated structure of the whole machine is easy to move
  • Various cleaning agents can be used
  • Industrial Transducer Support continuous working

Full Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaner

Full Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaner Assembly Line With Cursory Rinsing + Rinsing + Wind Knife Cut Water + Tunnel + Furnace Dry

 PLC Control

Automatic Manipulator

 Save Time 

 Save Manpower 

Aerospace Ultrasonic Cleaner

Product Technology

Ultrasonic Acid/ Alkali Wash > Ultrasonic Cleaning + Filtration Cycle > Bubbling + Filtering > Water Blowing At Normal Temperature >hot Air Dry , Other Processes Can Be Customized

Operation Process

Fully Automatic Operation , Manual Feeding > The Machine Automatically Completes Every Step Of The Process > Manual Blanking

Aerospace Ultrasonic Cleaner

Wide Application:

Ultrasonic cleaning can be used for many applications, including plastic parts, bearing, bolts, rubber parts, internal parts, plastic injection molds, transmission parts, and final cleaning of all engine parts prior to assembly, the versatility of ultrasonic cleaning machine make them the perfect choice for automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, engineering and many other industries.

What Are Ultrasonic Waves and How Do They Clean?

Simply put, ultrasonic sound waves are sound broadcast at a frequency beyond the normal range of human hearing. When ultrasonic waves move through a liquid and strike a hard surface, they produce millions of tiny bubbles, known as “cavitating bubbles.” These microscopic bubbles produce momentary jets of intense energy when they collapse, directing that energy against the surface they are collapsing against. Repeated millions of times and with the assistance of detergent present in the surrounding liquid, these bubbles scrub away almost any type of grime from all surfaces of an object, no matter how intricate it may be. Furthermore, unlike traditional brush and solvent methods, they generally do it without damaging the underlying object.