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The Best Choice Of Auto Parts Cleaning

Granbo Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

This is a cleaning guide for auto repair, manufacturing, and rebuilding companies, workshops, owners.

Discover a far faster and more quickly cheaply cleaning method to remove dirt and contamination from various parts (like carburetors injector nozzle engines tire).

Traditional auto car cleaning solutions:

Have all your cleaning utensils ready, organize them, and keep them nearby. Wash the car once to wash off any loose dirt and grime. Clean the wheels with a small rag and soapy water. Rinse the wheels and wash off all the soap. Dry the car with a rag. Pour polish on a clean polishing pad. This way, the polish will wipe off the oxide layer that the car wax cannot remove. Spray on the tire protector, being careful not to spray too much.

They can only remove dirt that is easy to clean on the surface.

They spend a lot of time and money, people also get tired.

auto parts ultrasonic cleaner
Auto Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner

There is a better method:

When the auto parts get dirty, the industrial ultrasonic cleaner can do great work.

Ultrasonic cleaners use the power of cavitation – the violent implosion of billions of microscopic bubbles – to remove contaminants from any surface that can be safely immersed in cleaning solutions formulated for specific cleaning tasks. It is a physical process that can replace traditional cleaning.

Typical applications found in the auto industry are cleaning greases and sludge from rebuilt components for automotive and aircraft applications.

Applicable Workpiece Products And Materials

These powerful cleaning tools are available as benchtop and floor-mounted industrial units. Biodegradable cleaning solution concentrates are economical to use and greatly simplify disposal concerns. Efficiently Removing: Iron filings, polishing powder, oil stamping oil, carbons, metal shavings, lubricants, rusts, carcinogens, varnishes and paints, oil and grease, dirt, dust, and grime

  • carburetors
  • injector jet nozzles
  • fuel injectors and filters
  • fuel injection system
  • engines
  • fuel line
  • tire
  • stamping equipment
  • fabricated parts
  • machined components
  • subassemblies
  • gearboxes
  • spark plug
  • injector fuel
  • tooling
  • transmissions
  • ABS brake systems
  • drivetrain components
  • filters metering valves
  • carbon blaster
  • bearings and gear sets
  • brake calipers
  • cylinder heads
  • seals on the pistons
  • oil and coolant hoses

What does Granbosonic recommend?

Three Tanks Ultrasonic Cleaner With Filtering Drying

Full Stainless Steel Structure , Resist To Acid And Alkali, Air Drying System And Temperature Up To 150c For Fast Drying With Sus Basket , Withe Drainage.

3 Tanks

Filter System

150℃ drying

Drainage System

Auto Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner








  • Brand Name: Granbo
  • Model Number: GF Series
  • Cleaning Appliance Type: For Auto Parts
  • Timer: Digital timer 1~99mins/Continuous running
  • Heater: 20°C – 80°C adjustable
  • Material: SUS304/SUS306 Stainless steel Tank
  • Color: White and blue
  • Frequency: 40KHz powerful ultrasonic transducer
  • Quality certification: CE,FCC,RoHS



Special cleaning machine for auto parts factory, with reducer pressure box, Adjustable throwing speed

  • Trowing
  • Filtration
  • Heating
  • Oher excited circuit
  • Power adjustable
  • Other excited circuit board
  • Full of stainless steel, sealed id to reduce noise
  • With filtration system, recycle and store detergent to save cost
  • Uirasonicfrcuency:28KHz suit for heavy oil objects clean
  • With caster and brake, easy to move
granbo ultrasonic parts Cleaning effect

Customized Car wheel Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • With Motor Rotation system-tyre and rim, cab be rotated when ultrasonic cleaning
  • With pneumatic lift-tire can automatically up and down in the tank
  • With pneumatic chuck-can be hung on different sizes of car tire
Auto Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner