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Sports Equipment Ultrasonic Cleaner 

Special Washing Machines For Sports Equipment Such As Bowling And Golf

Sports Equipment Ultrasonic Cleaner

       Do you like to play golf or bowling? Are you serious about the hobby? If you are, then it’s a cinch that you want to keep your clubs and other gear in peak condition. A long day on the course can result in a surprisingly large amount of buildup of dirt, mud, and other debris on your clubs and other equipment. When cleaning time comes, with so much to take care of, it can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, there’s a tool out there that can clean your gear like never before!

       Now Granbo Technology Industrial Shenzhen Co., Ltd. is proud to introduce UltraSonic Cleaning technology to your Sports Equipment. Ultrasonic Cleaning is the worldwide standard for cleaning many types of objects, professionally applied in car workshops, diesel workshops, plating factories, electronics factories, molding factories, electronics workshops, tattoo shops, scientific & biochemical laboratories, hospital and dental clinics, jewelry shops, antique shops, and electronics workshops, golf clubs, etc.

How does Ultrasonic cleaning do what it does? 
      Ultrasonic cleaning works through high-frequency sound waves transmitted through the liquid to scrub clean the surface of immersed parts. The high-frequency sound waves, typically 40 kHz, agitate the liquid solution of water or solvent and cause the cavitation of solution molecules. The violent implosion of billions of microscopic bubbles – to remove contaminants from any surface that can be safely immersed in cleaning solutions formulated for specific cleaning tasks.

Sports Equipment Ultrasonic Cleaner

Bowling Ultrasonic Cleaner

Cofiguration of special cleaning basket for bowling ball ,easy to use
Stainless steel material, flip type sound-proof lid
With castor and brake ,easy to move

Sports Equipment Ultrasonic Cleaner

Large Golf Club Ultrasonic Cleaner

With token function, suitable for different coins,with cions counter
With wheels convenient to move on the ground
Professional clean golf club

Sports Equipment Ultrasonic Cleaner

GM1649G Golf Club Ultrasonic Cleaner

Sports Equipment Ultrasonic Cleaner

Cleaning Your Gear

  • Actually cleaning your gear with your new ultrasonic bath is actually a cinch.
  • Fill your unit with fresh, hot water and detergent. As for what soap to use, any lemon-based dish cleaning liquid at a 1 part per 15 concentration should do the job. 
  • Place the gear to be cleaned in the basket, lower the basket into the tank, set timer to the desired time (if available), and let the unit run for about 10min. 
  • Remove your clubs or other objects and check if they are cleaned to your standards. For general cleaning, it should take no longer than 5 to 10 minutes to fully clean your gear. 
  • Pat dry with a clean, dry cloth. Apply any oils or other protectorates that may have been stripped off during the cleaning process.


UltraSonic Cleaning is the worldwide standard for cleaning many types of objects, including jewellery, surgical instruments, motor parts, golf clubs, and plastics. Now Granbo Industrial is proud to introduce this technology to Bowling Balls.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the next generation of bowling ball de-oiling and cleaning. It uses ultra-sonic technology to penetrate the cover for the ultimate de-oiling process.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the newest, safest and best tool for removing oil from deep in the surface of the Bowling Ball. It uses warm water (not Hot), a mild cleaning agent and Patent Pending Ultra-Sonic Transducers to quickly remove lane oil that has soaked deep into the pores of bowling balls. The UltraSonic transducers create millions of microscopic high energy bubbles that reach deep inside the surface of the ball to release the oil trapped in the cover stock.

Not only does the ultrasonic cleaning deeper and quicker, it does not subject the bowling ball to extreme temperatures over 125 degrees that can damage a ball and void factory warranties. Most other oil extraction devices from ovens, to hot water baths, to dishwashers and streamers subject the ball to temperatures in excess of 125. Not only is ultrasonic cleaning safer to Bowling Ball cover stocks, it works quicker than most other devices which help Pro Shops generate additional revenues. Help your bowlers get the Snap back and increase their scores and give their old ball new life while increasing your revenues.

Do not run the machine continuously for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Do not operate the machine without fluid in the tank (water level is not higher than the water mark)

Cleaning items should be put on cleaning basket to protect this machine.

Do not spray water or liquid over the device and the control panel.

Please add normal water into the tank before using, if you wanna better clean we advise to ass special chemical liquid when you use.

All models will make the “zizizi” noise during cleaning, it’s normal.

Please choose the right voltage type and plug according to your country, we will not responsible for the problem caused by this. We provide four plugs with voltage: 220V-EU plug,220V-UK plug,220V-AU plug,110V-US plug.

Sports Equipment Ultrasonic Cleaner