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Granbo, your reliable Brass Instruments cleaning good helper

Highly performance musical instruments ultrasonic cleaner

Musical Instruments Ultrasonic Cleaner

       Musical Instrument is one of musician fans’s most intimate and cherished accessories. Have you ever tried using ultrasound to maintain your instrument? your bass, your strings, your vinyl records LP and so on?

       There are a lot of topics about boiling strings etc, but our customers have tried ultrasonic cleaning on strings with dish soap and water, and it gets amazing results that the strings sound brighter than brand new.

       Ultrasonic cleaner has a multitude of uses, particularly good on precious items such as jewelry, watches, dental and surgical instruments, tools, coins, fountain pens, golf, window blinds, firearms, car fuel injectors, musical instruments, industrial parts, and electronic equipment. It is widely used in many jewellery restoration workshops, watchmakers’ establishments, and electronic repair workshops.

How Ultrasonic Cleaning Works?

      The vibration of ultrasonic waves in the liquid will cause strong cavitation and emulsification. Millions of cavitation bubbles can be generated per second. Under the action of sound pressure, these bubbles are rapidly produced, getting into those smaller spaces, and continuously violent blasting, making it easy to clean the unwanted particles and residues.

      Professional Advantages: Granbo Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner generates an upgraded frequency of 28000Hz or 42000Hz even higher, the high-frequency vibration separates the water and air in the liquid to form 50-500um bubbles, which expand and burst under the action of sound pressure to achieve an instantaneous impact force, constantly scouring the surface of the object. The collapsing bubble is what breaks the dirt off the object.

Musical Instruments Ultrasonic Cleaner

Perfectly Suitable for Musical Instruments

  • Brass
  • harmonica
  • Saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Bass
  • Cymbals
  • Keyboard
  • mellophone
  • Strings
  • Bass Strings
  • vinyl records
  • trumpet
  • cornet
  • euphonium
  • tuba
  • sousaphone
  • trombone
  • saxhorn
  • bugle
  • baritone

Efficiently Removing

  • dust
  • dirt
  • gunk
  • grime
  • waste
  • metal
  • oil grease
  • lubricants
  • sediment
  • smoke residues
  • molds
  • chemicals
  • unwanted residues
  • surfactants 
  • carbons
  • contaminants
  • carcinogens
  • smoke
  • stains
  • paints
  • rusts

Not suitable for:

woodwinds, guitars, vocals, piano, worldinstruments, drums, ukulele, percussions

Which Ultrasonic Cleaner To Choose?

For brass instruments, like a saxophone, trumpet, and trombone, the Granbosonic GM series machines are recommended, because they are customized industrial ultrasonic cleaners. For example, GM3613 with 600x500x450mm cleaning tank. 145L tank size is larger than most inexpensive ones. It is suitable for mass cleaning works, can run as long as 24 hours a day. So, it is ideal for both commercial and industrial parts cleaning. Any sizes and volumes of the ultrasonic bath are available.

24 Hours working

Heater and timer control function with digital panel

Degas function, fast exhaust, prevention of oxidation.

Power adjustable and visible from 5% to 100%

Musical Instruments Ultrasonic Cleaner
granbo ultrasonic Instruments Cleaning effect


  • These sonic parts cleaners come with a high-quality SUS304 water bath and independent generators. So, it is also an ideal powerful ultrasonic bath both parts degreasing and cleaning.
  • Additional filtration system.
  • We have gone beyond the standard filtration specifications and have installed an additional filtration system to help keep bath water extra clean.
  • Check the internal unit tank size to see if it fits the cleaning instrument items first. Any volumes and tanks size, ultrasonic power, and frequency are available. If you need to custom make the industrial ultrasonic tank with your requirements. Please contact us!


Sometimes after cleaning, the instruments get brighter than brand new, it seems that your instruments always like new. That’s how ultrasonic shows magic!Come to try ultrasonic cleaning and experience The Ultimate In Instrument Cleaning!

Hot Water

users tend to use quite hot (but not boiling) water in it but you can use cold water if you wish.


users can (again optional) use a small amount of washing-up liquid in the water.

Cleaning Time Cycle

360/480/720 seconds even 30mins etc for choosing, usually the full 8 minutes, take them out and immediately dry them with a paper.

Color&Size Customized Available

 If you need to custom make the ultrasonic tank(1Liter to 30L) with your requirements. Please contact us!