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Gentle Method To Restore Surgical Instruments

Medical Equipment Ultrasonic Cleaner

Organizations that use medical devices and surgical tools can rely on ultrasonic cleaning technology to achieve high levels of disinfection and decontamination more thoroughly, safely and effectively. Ultrasound effectively cleans medical instruments and surgical tools that have hard-to-reach internal access, heavily soiled external surfaces, and complex tooling prior to sterilization. Ultrasonic cleaning saves time, is safe and thorough, and extends the life of expensive equipment without the use of abrasives or harsh chemicals that can scratch or damage delicate and highly processed objects.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaner makes it easier to remove blood and tissue residues from surgical instruments below.

Benefits of ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning saves time and money:

  • up to twenty parts can be cleaned at one time
  • technology is simple to use and only requires one operator
  • life of parts is extended due to gentle cleaning
  • highly effective cleaning means all contaminants are removed in first round
Medical Equipment Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonics can clean

  • medical and dental devices
  • irrigation ports
  • all types of scopes
  • ear and eye instruments
  • hemostats
  • needles and needle holders
  • spay tools
  • retractors and forceps
  • clamps and shields
  • scalpels and scissors
  • sterilization trays
  • suction tubes

Common Medical Devices

  • Cleaning Ti pacemaker / defibrillator case halves
  • Bone screws
  • Orthopedic implants
  • Battery components cleaning
  • Surgical scalpels
  • Orthopedic implant passivation
  • Surgical instrument passivation
  • Robotic instrument passivation
  • Surgical stapler passivation
  • Pacemaker/defibrillator electronic circuit boards
  • Surgical biopsy instruments

Safely Removing

  • biofilms
  • biologic buildup
  • scaly deposits
  • organic matter
  • microscopic bubbles
  • biological contaminants
  • microorganisms
  • infectious substances
  • dust particles
  • oils
Medical Equipment Ultrasonic Cleaner

What does Granbo Ultrasonic recommend?

Double Tanks Ultrasonic Cleaner With Filtering System And Drying Tank

Medical Equipment Ultrasonic Cleaner


Optional function, cleaning + rinsing / cleaning + drying
With filtration system ,recycle and store detergent, ensure excellent cleaning result ,save cost



  • Brand Name: Granbo
  • Model Number: GE4877L
  • Tank capacity: 77L
  • Cleaning Appliance Type: For Surgical Instruments
  • Ultrasonic power : 9KW 
  • Transducer Quantity:48 transducer
  • Heating power: 4.5W
  • Timer: Digital timer… 1~99mins/Continuous running
  • Heater: 20°C – 80°C adjustable
  • Material: SUS304 Stainless steel Tank
  • Color: White and blue
  • Tank Size: 550X400X350mm 
  • Frequency: 40KHz powerful ultrasonic transducer
  • Quality certification: CE,FCC,RoHS
Medical Equipment Ultrasonic Cleaner
Medical Equipment Ultrasonic Cleaner
Medical Equipment Ultrasonic Cleaner
Medical Equipment Ultrasonic Cleaner

The CDC, WHO and professional medical and dental associations stress the importance of thoroughly cleaning, then disinfecting or sterilizing reusable medical, dental and surgical instruments.

As pointed out in our post on cleaning dental instruments the process should start immediately so that blood and other matter do not dry on the instruments.

Carefully wiping gross contaminants from the instruments then placing them in an enzyme soak is a good first step before the ultrasonic cleaning process.

Ultrasonic energy is far superior to manually scrub these instruments because the microscopic bubbles are able to penetrate small cracks and crevices to blast away contaminants unreachable by manual processes. Moreover, the chances of personnel receiving cuts or puncture wounds are greatly reduced.

Cleaning procedures should follow the recommendations of professional associations along with those of ultrasonic equipment manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning solutions formulated for medical and surgical instruments.

In general, however, disassembling instruments will help cavitation reach more surface areas. Fine mesh baskets are available to hold small parts. Clean instruments of similar composition in each cleaning cycle. Avoid cleaning chromium-plated instruments by sonic energy.

After the ultrasonic cleaning cycle instruments are ready for disinfecting or sterilizing.

granbo ultrasonic Dental Cleaning effect