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Restore Semiconductor & Electronics & PCB Circuit Boards

pcb ultrasonic cleaner

Dust, dirt, and corrosion can impact the performance of printed circuit boards (PCBs) used in electronic equipment exemplified by sophisticated hand-held devices such as iPhones, multifunctional iPods, and BlackBerrys. Here we can use Granbo Ultrasonic Cleaners to remove solder flux and residues from PCB.

Restoration companies can rely on ultrasonic cleaning technology to remove dirt from a variety of Electronics & PCB objects. Ultrasonic cleaning is gentle, fragrance-free, and reduces allergens. It is the best restoration process for effectively and safely cleaning than traditional cleaning methods.

Clean Printed Circuit Boards with Ultrasonic Cleaners

Contaminants such as excess solder and rosins must be removed from newly manufactured printed circuit boards. Ultrasonic cleaners effectively accomplish this when proven procedures are employed.

Powerful but gentle ultrasonic cleaning is far superior to soaking and scrubbing PCBs by using alcohol, sprays and solvents. Why? Simply because these methods risk damaging delicate components and are time-consuming.

pcbs ultrasonic cleaner

Dual Frequency Industrial Ultrasonic Machine

The Most Respected Electronics Cleaning Machine

Dual Frequency

24 Hour uninterrupt work


1~30mins Adjustable

Electronics Ultrasonic Cleaner


  • Brand Name: Granbo
  • Model Number: GN0820W
  • Tank capacity: 20L
  • Cleaning Appliance Type: For Electronics
  • Ultrasonic power adjustable:  400W
  • Transducer Quantity:8
  • Heating power: 600W
  • Timer: Digital timer 1~30mins/Continuous running
  • Heater: 20°C – 80°C adjustable
  • Material: SUS304 Stainless steel Tank
  • Color: White and blue
  • Tank Size:  330X300X200MM
  • Unit Size: 440X350X435MM
  • Frequency: 28/40KHz 40/80KHz 80/120KHz 
  • Quality certification: CE,FCC,RoHS

Features Description:

  • Professional teams of Granbo provide design solutions for OEM/ODM
  • Optional size, power, and functions; one device can also be OEM
  • Voltage: Single-phase220V/Three-phase380V
  • Material: SUS304, the thickness of tank1.5 mm
  • Industrial ultrasonic integrated machine, 24 hours the uninterrupted operational cleaner
  • Dual frequency , separate excitation type circuit board, digital timer / heater / power adjustable


  • add water and the correct portion of cleaning concentrate to the tank’s fill line
  • set the temperature dial
  • turn on the ultrasonic cleaner to start the degassing operation
  • Place them in the mesh basket, taking care to keep them from contacting each other. Lower the basket into the cleaning solution and set the timer.
  • Depending on the extent of contamination this concentrate is diluted 3 – 10% with water. The recommended ultrasonic cleaning time is 3 – 10 minutes at approximately 65˚C (150˚F).
  • As you become experienced with ultrasonic cleaning PCBs and other electronic components you’ll become more proficient and efficient.
granbo ultrasonic Electronics Cleaning effect

Common Applications

Electronic appliances: Switch, integrated circuit, electronic circuit board, a semiconductor element, silicon chip, quartz crystal, magnetic head, magnetic tape, optical fiber, Relay, capacitor, Alarm, memory, LCD, Solder, oil stains, turpentine, preservatives, paraffin, oxide, rust on the hard disk components.

Industry The cleaning products and materials Clear dirt
Semi-conductor Integrated circuit, power tube ,silicon wafer, gallium arsenide, diode, lead frame, capillary, tray, etc. Hards, etching oil, polishing wax, dust particles, discoloration, rust and corrosion, etc,
Electrical & electronic machine Tube parts/tube components, cathode ray tube, printed circuit board, quartzparts/quartz components, electronic components, telephone switching equipment, speaker components, power meter, LCD glass, liquid crystal display, magnetic core iron parts, computer floppy disk, video tape parts, magnetic heads, photo die mask, resistors, voltmeters, variable capacitors, circuit breakers, relays, connectors, variable connectors, electrolytic contactors, motor/roller/fixing plate on the pump, hoop parts, etc. Finger print, powder, cutting oil, stamping oil, iron filings, polish-ing materials, walnut powder, polishing wax, resin, dust, etc.