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Introduction of the wire ultrasonic cleaning machine

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The working principle of the wire ultrasonic cleaning machine

  Metal wire ultrasonic cleaner by the ultrasonic generator to generate ultra-tone electrical signals, through the piezoelectric effect of the transducer into the same frequency of mechanical vibration, resulting in tiny bubbles and then instantaneous bursting, the formation of the surface of the object being cleaned fine local high-pressure bombardment, fine wire drawing powder surface adhesion is very strong, ultrasonic cleaning equipment to join the mechanical device to erase, so that the surface of the wire attached to the drawing powder lubricant, etc. become loose. Ultrasonic powerful bombardment force so that the surface of the metal wire dirt drawing lubricant, etc. quickly peeled off, product quality significantly improved.

use circumstans of ultrasonic cleaner

use circumstans of ultrasonic cleaner

Product overview of the wire ultrasonic cleaning machine

  Metal wire ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment is suitable for steel, copper, aluminium and other materials of wire products online cleaning, the equipment cleaning speed, its cleaning speed and the output speed of the wire synchronization, after the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning products by blowing dry can be directly rolled into a coil, especially suitable for the production of metal wire and recycling enterprises.I suggest you have a look granboultrasonic cleaner, It can be used in blind cleaning.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

ultrasonic cleaning machine

Wire ultrasonic cleaning machine frequency segments

  (1) frequency: ≥ 20KHz, can be divided into low frequency, medium frequency, high frequency 3 segments.

  (2) cleaning media: the use of ultrasonic cleaning, the general two types of cleaning agents: chemical solvents, water-based cleaning agents, etc.. The chemical effect of cleaning media, can accelerate the effect of ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning is a physical role, the combination of the two roles to the object for full and thorough cleaning.

  (3) power density: power density = emission power (W) / emission area (cm2) usually ≥ 0.3W/cm2, the higher the power density of ultrasound, the stronger the cavitation effect, the faster the speed, the better the cleaning effect. But for the precision, the surface finish is very high objects, using a long time of high power density cleaning will produce “cavitation” corrosion on the surface of the object.

  (4) ultrasonic frequency: the lower the ultrasonic frequency, the easier the cavitation in the liquid, the greater the force generated, the stronger the effect, suitable for workpiece (coarse, dirty) first wash. High frequency is ultrasonic directional strong, suitable for fine object cleaning.

  (5) cleaning temperature: in general, ultrasonic cavitation effect is best at 30℃-40℃. Cleaning agent then the higher the temperature, the more significant the effect. Usually the actual application of ultrasound, the use of 50 ℃ -70 ℃ working temperature.

ultrasonic cleaner

ultrasonic cleaner

The scope of application and cleaning process of wire ultrasonic cleaning machine

  Applicable to steel wire, copper wire, aluminium wire, enamelled wire, etc. The process is: feeding → ultrasonic rough washing → ultrasonic rinsing → blowing dry → discharging.



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