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45L Single Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner

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45L Single Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner



1. Tank capacity: 45L

2. Tank material: durable resistance SUS304 stainless steel (if need customized SUS316 thickened or chromate treatment, please contact us.)

3. Digital timer: 1~99 mins adjustable (can switch to long time work)

4. Frequency: 28Khz /40Khz /68Khz /120Khz and other customized options.

5. Cleaning solution: use tap water, industrial alcohol, or special solvent for higher cleaning demand.

6. Circuit board: Industrial micro-controller chip, separately-excited trigger circuit, safe and stable for a long time running.

7. Movement: with castor and brake, easy and safe for moving the machine.

8. Power supply: power cord adopts industrial level standards with heat-resistant and softened-resistant.


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