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How to choose the frequency of ultrasonic transducer

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Low Medium High Level of the ultrasonic transducer frequency

The frequency of the transducer is inversely proportional to the wavelength, the wavelength is related to the cavitation diameter, and the cavitation diameter is related to its explosion pressure.
Generally, the higher the frequency, the smaller the wavelength, the smaller the cavitation diameter, the lower the explosion pressure, but the higher the cavitation density and the better permeability.

Ultrasonic Transducer 40Khz

Ultrasonic Transducer 40Khz

Ultrasonic transducer (17-23KHz): It is used to clean large objects, heavy dirt, and wear-resistant hard surfaces.
Related industries: magnetism, auto maintenance, textile industry, etc.
Note: The working noise is loud, so sound insulation treatment is required.

Ultrasonic transducer (25-28KHz): used to clean the dirt with heavy dirt and hard surface.
Related industries: mechanical processing, electroplating, catering industry, etc.

Ultrasonic Transducer Driver

Ultrasonic Transducer Driver

Ultrasonic transducer (33-60KHz): used for cleaning objects with light dirt, requiring surface protection
Related industries: precision parts, glass glasses, electronic components, circuit boards, etc.;

Ultrasonic transducer (68-200KHz): It is used to clean the dirt very lightly and requires a high degree of protection of the surface structure.Related industries: semiconductors, high-precision parts, etc.

Piezo Ultrasonic Transducer

Piezo Ultrasonic Transducer

Model 40KHz 50W Ultrasonic Transducer for Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner


High Q value

Large amplitude

High conversion frequency

Low heat

Output is stable

Strict quality control

Product Name
3540 Ultrasonic Transducer
Product Type
Product Size
45*54MM (Diameter*height)
Chip Size
Material 1
Aluminum LY12CZ
Material 2
Aluminum LY12CZ
Static Capacity
ultrasonic cleaner transducer

ultrasonic cleaner transducer




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