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Description and Feature of Ultrasonic Cleaner

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ultrasonic cleaner machine

ultrasonic cleaner machine

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner Description

The ultrasonic cleaner is a microprocessor-controlled device that uses ultrasonic or high-frequency sound waves to clean the jewelry and other delicate items. The vibration of ultrasonic waves in the liquid will cause strong cavitation and emulsification. Millions of cavitation bubbles can be generated per second. Under the action of sound pressure, these bubbles are rapidly produced and continuously violent blasting, producing strong impact and suction force to remove stubborn dirt and kill bacteria and viruses.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment can save time and labor, free your hands, and make your life and work more efficient.

Built-in powerful transducers can strengthen the ultrasonic power and make superior cleaning outcomes. It is the utilization of a digital program in an ultrasonic cleaner to control the unit, according to the quantity and condition of the items to be cleaned to choose a working cycle time. As a result, it is more convenient and efficient than hand wash, steam cleaners, high-pressure water jet cleaning, or other machines.

AdvancedBrushed Stainless-Steel Cleaning Tank to avoid corrosion water stain and keep the tank looking always new. (In comparison, the common stainless steel cleaning tanks will be dirty yellow corrosion water stain on the surface after a long time of use, and it’s hard to be removed.)


Feature of Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Durable stainless-steel construction.

Ultrasonic cleaning and heating can work at the same time.

High-efficiency cleaning for teeny blot particles.

Large digital timer and temperature display for precise wash time and temperature control.

CE, FCC, and RoHS Approved.

Built-in Powerful Transducer can strengthen the ultrasonic power and make superior cleaning outcome

Stainless steel cleaning basket for cleaning some small objects which need less friction, it can reduce the friction between the small objects and the tank.

Stainless steel tight-fitting lid with handle to prevent water heat from diffusing.

Drains with Flow Control Valve for easy cleaning and rinsing

Skid-proof rubber feet.

Use tap water only for general cleaning, you also can add about 5-10 ML of detergent into water to enhance wash results when needed.



ultrasonic cleaning machine

ultrasonic cleaning machine

Professional Use:

Medical and Dental Clinics, Tattoo Shops, Scientific Labs, and Golf Clubs.

Jewelers, Opticians, Watchmakers, Antique Dealers, Electronics Workshops, etc.

Personal or Home Use:

Jewelry: Earrings, Necklace, Rings, Bracelets, and Diamonds.

Glasses and Timepieces: Glasses, Sunglasses, Optical Lenses, Contact Lens Accessories, Watch Chains, and Waterproof Watches.

Commodities: Tattoo Guns and Tubes, Electric Shaver Heads, Razor Blades, Dentures, Combs and Toothbrushes.

Stationery: Pen-heads, Printer-heads, Inkjet Cartridges, and Seals.

Metal Articles: Ancient Coins, Badges, Valves, Machine Nozzles, Electronics Components and Mechanical Parts.

Metal Dishware: Forks, Knives, Spoons, and Other Small Silverware, etc.




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