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What are the ultrasonic cleaning methods and cleaning solution

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Ultrasonic cleaners have been widely used in electronic workshops, industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, hospitals and medical care, watch and clock stores, optical stores, jewelry stores, cell phone repair stores, households, etc.

Powerful ultrasonic transducer

Powerful ultrasonic transducer

Ultrasonic cleaning technology is the worldwide standard for cleaning many types of objects, including jewelry, surgical instruments, motor parts, golf clubs, and plastics. The UltraSonic transducers create millions of microscopic high-energy bubbles that reach deep inside the surface of the ball to release the oil trapped in the cover stock. Here is the ultrasound principle: the electrical energy into mechanical vibration, generating a large number of tiny bubbles, tiny bubbles quickly expand and then suddenly closed, in the bubble expansion and closure of the process instantly Produce shock waves, this is called the cavitation effect, the use of tiny bubble blasting force, constantly impacting the external surface of the object, so as to achieve the purpose of stripping off the dirt.

Cleaning Before VS After

Cleaning Before VS After

Ultrasonic cleaning is a physical process, also far faster and more efficient than traditional cleaning methods.

Cleaning of precision items, such as Vinyl LP ultrasonic cleaning is the best safety restoration process for records and produces high-quality results far faster and more effectively than traditional record cleaning methods.

Cleaning of industrial metal parts accessories components, industrial ultrasonic cleaning is powerful enough to remove skin particles, oils, microscopic dust particles, and bacteria in the tiniest of crevices and can make parts look new.

Cleaning Show

Cleaning Show

Here are the specific cleaning methods:


(1) cleaning glasses, watches, razors, combs, keys, pocket knives with water with a little detergent can be, if the glasses have fingerprints with Soap and water to clean,

human fingerprint components are special, soap and water cleaning effect is better.

(2) jewelry, general wear stains can be cleaned with water and detergent, if the gold and silver blackened and darkened is oxidation, to use the gold washing water silver

washing water cleaning.

(3) spray pen such as water-based pigments with anhydrous alcohol or acetone, thinner, Tenar water, and other organic solvents to clean, but it is recommended to use

anhydrous alcohol cleaning, the rubber gasket of the spray pen to touch the thinner, and Tenar water, the rubber molecular chain will break, the seal becomes poor, the

spray pen is easy to leak, spray out of the paint incoherent effect is poor, oil-based pigments with ethyl acetate cleaning.

(4)Wash beeswax with warm salt water or detergent.

(5) cleaning dentures with cleaning tablets, cleaning braces with bubbling agent cleaning.

(6) cell phone motherboard with alcohol or washboard water cleaning, washboard water cleaning effect is best.

(7) cleaning tattoo equipment with acetone or alcohol cleaning, acetone cleaning effect is best.

(8) electronic cigarette atomizer with baking soda cleaning.

(9) fountain pen head, cleaned with water.

Remove Dirt Oil Dust

Remove Dirt Oil Dust

(10) spark plugs, fuel injection nozzles with degreasing powder cleaning, with the heating function of the cleaning machine.

(11) urea nozzle with hot water cleaning, with the heating function of the cleaning machine (minimum 2L).

(12) cleaning small pieces of amber crafts, clean with water or warm water, if you are afraid of cleaning is not clean can also add a small amount of neutral detergent in the water.

(13) cleaning jade, string with water, and detergent cleaning.

(14) cleaning coins, cleaning with coin cleaning agent or cleaning solution.

(15) auto parts and motorcycle hardware parts, oil parts, cleaning with degreasing powder.

(16) jewelry jade processing in addition to polishing wax, cleaning with wax removal water.

(17) motorcycle auto parts with oil removal powder cleaning (minimum 10L).

(18) cleaning PCB circuit boards, computer motherboards with board washing water cleaning (minimum 10L, generally with 15L).

Cleaning Performance

Cleaning Performance

(19) hardware rust removal with rust remover.

(20) cleaning projector optical lens with alcohol cleaning.

(21) dental clinic, cleaning dental instruments with multi-enzyme liquid cleaning (minimum 3.2L).

(22) Cleaning tea stains with warm water with a little enzyme (minimum 3.2L).

(23) cleaning nozzle with more than 95% purity of medical alcohol cleaning, do not use industrial alcohol, industrial alcohol contains impurities.

(24) cleaning crawfish with lobster cleaning agent cleaning (minimum 10L, a cleaning 1.5-2 kg).

(25) cleaning fruits and vegetables can go to pesticide residues, sterilization, but the cleaning effect on the cleaning of the mud stuck in the above cleaning effect is general, it is recommended that the first hand wash once, then clean the machine to remove pesticide residues, and then use water through on it.

(26) cleaning mahjong with water and some detergent cleaning, each cleaning 2-8 minutes, depending on the degree of stains, mahjong should not be cleaned too long, ultrasonic.
The cleaning effect is very good, cleaning time is too long easy to brush the color of the font off, after cleaning with water to dry a bit on it.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Show

Ultrasonic Cleaning Show

In the end,

Thanks to our friends from more than 100 countries, thousands of customers, and engineers from Granbo Tech for providing these cleaning methods and cleaning experiences.



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