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Ultrasonic Industry Trends and Granbo Team Advantages

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The principle and characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning machine



Ultrasonic cleaning principle is to exceed the human auditory frequency above the wave conduction in the liquid. When the ultrasonic wave propagates in the cleaning liquid, the acoustic wave is a longitudinal wave, and the effect of the longitudinal wave pushing the medium will make the pressure change in the liquid and produce countless tiny vacuum bubbles, which is called the “cavitation effect”. When bubbles compression blasting, can produce powerful impact, corner of dirt attached to the object can be scattered, and enhance the washing effect, due to the ultrasonic strong penetrating power, compared with another cleaning with ultrasonic cleaning wash rate is high, less residue, cleaning time, cleaning effect is good, who can be a liquid immersion into the objects, ultrasound has a cleaning effect on it. Unlimited by the surface shape of the cleaning parts, deep holes, slits, and grooves can be cleaned. Choose appropriate cleaning additives for the dirt of different properties. Ultrasonic can clean all kinds of dirt, polishing paste, rust, oxide, bloodstain, fingerprint, paint, tea stain, carbon deposit, dust, nuclear pollution, and so on.




Advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine

·Capable of cleaning precision parts with complex shapes such as cavities and grooves
·Cleaning can be carried out at room temperature or with appropriate heating about 50℃
·Save solvent, clean paper, energy, workplace, and labor, etc
·No damage to the workpiece surface
·The integrated structure of the whole machine is easy to move
·Various cleaning agents can be used

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment adopts the principle of ultrasonic cleaning, which can achieve the overall cleaning effect of the object, especially for deep hole, blind hole, concave and convex groove cleaning is the most ideal equipment, does not affect the material and accuracy of any object. And Remove oil、Remove rust、Remove wax、Remove dust、 Remove stain、 Jewelry、Sterilization、 Remove rosin. At the same time in biochemistry, physics, chemistry, medicine in scientific research and experiments in Colleges and universities, ultrasonic cleaning, extraction degassing, mixing cell crushing, nano decomposition.



Development Trend

In industry, from the conventional ultrasonic cleaning machine tend to single tank machine, double tanks machine, multi tanks, and high flexibility, automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine with a high degree of automation. It not only realizes the automatic control and mass production of ultrasonic cleaning but also stabilizes the cleaning process and improves the cleaning efficiency. This type of ultrasonic cleaning.

This kind of ultrasonic cleaning machine combined with ultrasonic cleaning and chemical cleaning, rinsing, dehydration, drying, condensation, throwing, lifting, slow pull, and other processes, mainly use PLC control, to achieve the fully automatic cleaning process, has a very high cleaning efficiency.



Design Team Service

Optional Size, Power, and Function Customization:
PLC(Programmable Logic Controller), Filtration, Drying, Roller, Lift, Condensation, Spray, Bubbling, Throwing, Slow-pulling, etc

Material: 304&316 stainless steel/Titanium plate/Chrome plating treatment

Voltage: Single phase AC110V/220V, Three-phase AC380V

Frequency:20/25/28/40/68/80/120/168/180/200 kHz

OEM/ODM support, Brand Logo, parameter labels, after-sales service cards, etc

Panel Customization: Standard design scheme library available for a selection of all colors



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