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Ultrasonic cleaner common failures.

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Ultrasonic cleaner common failures.
When the industrial ultrasonic cleaner malfunction can not be used normally, generally common is the following eight kinds of situations, for these seven situations, analysis and detection.

First insurance damage.

After turning on the machine, such as the discovery of no power display, no action, the first thing to look at the power supply seat within the insurance is damaged.

Analysis: It is possible that the user grounding wire and fire or zero wire mixed, and no grounding (the machine ground is connected to the machine shell), there may be a short circuit in the machine, components aging short-circuit phenomenon, resulting in insurance damage.

Detection: take out the insurance to see if there is a break, use the multimeter through the break gear to measure whether to disconnect, replace the new device.

Ultrasonic cleaner common failures.

Second, the transducer is damaged.

Analysis: may be in use for a long time in the boot state, the temperature will gradually rise leading to colloid melting transducer off or transducer ceramic part of the fracture.

Detection: use a shaking table to measure the strength of the transducer insulation, insulation strength below 200MΩ has been unable to use, must be replaced by a new transducer.

The internal ceramic of the transducer will also be fractured due to long-term use, so that it does not work properly.

Ultrasonic-Cleaner-03 (1)

Ultrasonic-Cleaner-03 (1)


Third, the power tube damage.

Analysis: the power tube on the motherboard will be used for a long time because of the machine uninterrupted use or cleaning liquid is too little for a long time, so that the power tube short-circuit situation.

Detection: When the power tube on the motherboard connected type, use a multimeter to measure the resistance value of the power tube pins on both sides, under normal circumstances should be in about 22Ω. After taking down the power tube (disconnected from the motherboard), measure its various pins should not be connected.

Ultrasonic cleaner common failures.

Fourth, the voltage regulator is damaged

Analysis: the damage to the voltage regulator is generally in the power tube resistance or short circuit, after the boot caused by its own is rarely damaged.

Detection: according to the characteristics of the diode, positive conduction, reverse as of. Measured with a multimeter diode file, forward resistance value of about 70Ω, reverse ∞. If the value deviation is too large or forward resistance value is also ∞, replace the new voltage regulator.

Five, the bridge damage (diode rectifier circuit)

Analysis: with the voltage regulator condition

Detection: the same according to the diode characteristics (the bridge itself is composed of diodes)

Auto Parts Industrial Ultrasonic Washer

Auto Parts Industrial Ultrasonic Washer

Six, the damage to the control board (adjustable ultrasonic cleaner)

Analysis: long time continuous work, components aging, and sometimes infiltration of cleaning fluid related.

Detection: in the case of the machine does not work, disconnect the control board and the motherboard connection. The main board is energized, such as machine work, it means that the control board is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Seven, the inductor, isolation transformer damage

Analysis: As the machine works for a long time, inductors, transformers belong to the heat dissipation components, its own may melt due to high temperature, burned, resulting in short circuit.

Detection: inductor, transformer damage, in most cases intuitively can see the traces of burnout, replace the new device.

Do not rush when the ultrasonic cleaner fails, according to the above analysis and detection to solve the problem.




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