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Waveform Diagram of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

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Waveform Comparison of Different Power at the Same Frequency


Power and frequency about ultrasonic cleaning machine

The lower the frequency,

the stronger the cavitation intensity.

the coarser the cleaning precision,

the thicker the viscous boundary.


The higher the frequency,

the weaker the cavitation intensity.

the finer the cleaning precision,

the thinner the viscous boundary.

Waveform Comparison

Waveform Comparison

Granbo ultrasonic washer manufacturer waveform schematic

The sinusoidal wave in the shaded region represents a complete vibration process of the ultrasonic transducer.

The higher the frequency, the shorter it takes to complete a vibration, the more vibrations per unit time, the more cavitation bubbles produced, the weaker the cavitation intensity, the smaller the cleaning effort, the smaller the bubbles, the more accurate the precision, the thinner the stains that can be cleaned, more suitable for cleaning precision demanding precision devices, fragile objects and the stripping of stains in tiny spaces.

The lower the frequency, the longer it takes to complete a vibration, the fewer the number of vibrations per unit of time, the fewer the cavitation bubbles produced, the stronger the cavitation strength, the greater the cleaning effort, the larger the bubbles, the rougher the precision, The thicker the stain that can be cleaned, more suitable for cleaning the hardware rust with low precision, the first step of multiple cleaning processes of rough washing should be selected with low frequency ultrasonic.

The higher the power, the greater the vibration amplitude, the stronger the cavitation effect, the more powerful the stripping of stains; the smaller the power, the smaller the vibration amplitude, the smaller the cavitation bubbles, the smaller the damage to the items.



Granbo ultrasonic cleaner waveform schematic (different cleaning function waveform comparison)

waveform schematic

waveform schematic

Power Adjustable:
Universal adjustment of the current size to change the input power, and then change the size of the amplitude of the transducer. Different intensity can be adjusted accordingly for different items and different stain requirements according to adjustment, mainly applicable to a machine to clean the needs of diverse objects.

Variable wave function:
The variable wave function is divided into full-wave and half-wave states, in the half-wave working state ultrasonic power is halved: one-way amplitude remains unchanged, so the cleaning effect is only about 20% lower, suitable for fragile parts cleaning; full-wave half-wave alternating work can be faster to remove the gas in the liquid, suitable for applications such as defoaming and deoxidation.

different cleaning function waveform comparison

different cleaning function waveform comparison

Dual-frequency simplex(single working condition):
Different frequencies have different cavitation intensity, corresponding to different sizes of stain particles have their own advantages, for the same item stain composition from different cases of dual-frequency and multi-frequency machine can effectively solve, mainly for the laboratory and other diverse needs of the place.

Dual-frequency duplex:
Dual-frequency mode upgraded version, can be customized two and more frequencies work at the same time, different cavitation bubbles simultaneously on the stain surface at the same time, so that the stubborn stain nothing through the shape, suitable for complex scenes of cleaning needs.



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