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Application areas for dry ultrasonic cleaners

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1, dry ultrasonic cleaning machine in the pharmaceutical industry applications
Ultrasonic cleaning technology has been widely used through the application of many pharmaceutical companies, especially for the cleaning of celine bottles, oral liquid bottles, ampoules, I.V. bottles, as well as the cleaning of butyl rubber plugs, natural rubber plugs, has been the first to get. For the cleaning of bottles, is the use of ultrasonic cleaning technology instead of the original brush machine, it is achieved through the process of turning over water injection, ultrasonic cleaning, internal and external rinsing, air blowing dry, turning over and so on.

Ultrasonic Generator

Ultrasonic Generator

2, dry ultrasonic cleaning machine in the micro powder industry applications
As we all know, to obtain different sizes of particles, is to put the crushed material in the ball mill after grinding, after different specifications of the sieve layer by layer sieving and obtained. Sieve after a long time use, the sieve hole will be blocked (such as diamond sieve), with other methods of brushing will damage the sieve, and the effect is not ideal, after many manufacturers of the test, with ultrasonic cleaning, not only does not damage the sieve, and the sieve above the blocked particles are completely recycled.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine book

Ultrasonic cleaning machine book

3, dry ultrasonic cleaning machine technology in the application of phosphate treatment
Product spraying pre-treatment process is very important, the general traditional process of using acid on the workpiece, heavy environmental pollution, poor working environment, at the same time, the biggest drawback is the complex structure of the parts pickling rust removal after the residual acid is difficult to rinse clean. After the workpiece is sprayed, the rust phenomenon appears along the crevices for a short time, damaging the coating surface and seriously affecting the appearance and inner quality of the product. After ultrasonic cleaning technology is applied to the pre-painting treatment, not only can the object surface and the dirt in the crevices quickly peel off, and the painted parts spraying layer firmly will not return to rust. I suggest you have a look granboultraosnic cleaner, and about Auto parts 

ultrasonic cleaning agent 3

ultrasonic cleaning agent

4, dry ultrasonic cleaning machine for metal cleaning
As we all know, metal bars by extrusion into wire, metal wire often has a layer of external carbonized film and oil, with acid cleaning or other cleaning methods, it is difficult to let the dirt removed (especially the whole plate of wire), ultrasonic washing machine is based on the actual production needs and design of a continuous wire, efficient cleaning equipment, rough washing part by the cleaning liquid storage tank, transducer, circulation pump, filter and supporting piping system, metal wire by After ultrasonic rough washing and fine washing, the wire is then blown dry, thus completing the entire cleaning process. The whole set of equipment integrated control, simple, convenient, good results, widely used in tantalum wire, tungsten wire, molybdenum wire, niobium wire, copper wire (before insulation paint coating) and other metal wire.

The dry ultrasonic cleaner is just that, simple, yet very effective and with a very wide range of applications. It has solved yet another industrial technical problem for people. At present in our country has become more and more popular products, scientific research staff also continue to improve the specific functions of the dry ultrasonic cleaning machine, with more and more advanced functions, in the future will also be involved in more areas.



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