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Ultrasonic cleaning process of the ultrasonic cleaner

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Ultrasonic cleaning is widely used in the surface spray treatment industry, machinery industry, electronics industry, medical industry, semiconductor industry, watch jewelry industry, optical industry, textile printing, and dyeing industry. Today, a guide to the ultrasonic cleaning process is introduced, taking Granbo ultrasonic cleaner as an example

Ultrasonic cleaning process

Generally speaking, the cleaning process depends on the difficulty and quantity of the cleaned object. The main cleaning process is as follows:

1) Hot soak or spray cleaning: the purpose is to soften, separate, and dissolve the pollutants on the workpiece, and reduce the load of the next cleaning process.

2) Ultrasonic cleaning: use the strong cavitation and vibration generated by ultrasonic to peel off the dirt on the surface of the workpiece. At the same time, it can also decompose and emulsify the greasy dirt.

3) Cold rinsing: use flowing clean water to wash away the dirt that has fallen off but is still floating on the surface of the workpiece.

4) Ultrasonic rinsing: the solvent is clean water. After the workpiece is immersed, use ultrasonic to clean the dirt floating on the edges, corners, and pores of the workpiece.

5) Rinse with hot purified water and cold purified water: further, remove dirt particles suspended on the surface of the workpiece.

6) Hot air drying: use a certain temperature and wind speed to quickly dry the surface of parts.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Process

Ultrasonic Cleaning Process

Composition of ultrasonic cleaning machine

The ultrasonic cleaning machine is composed of the following parts:

1) Ultrasonic system: including ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic generator.

a. Transducer: the transducer is fixed with special high temperature resistant, vibration resistant and high viscosity resin glue supplemented by special methods, which will not fall off, and can withstand the high temperature of 100 ℃ ~ 150 ℃.

b. Ultrasonic generator: the high-power ultrasonic generator can be composed of ultra audio IGBT power electronic devices as the main components. This kind of ultrasonic generator has an advanced circuit and complete structure, supplemented by a sensitive and reliable integrated control system. Various ultrasonic generators can work independently or in parallel to complete large-scale cleaning projects.

Oven curing glue

Oven curing glue

2) Heating and temperature control system. The heater is usually made of stainless steel pipes, which can withstand acid and alkali. The purpose of heating is to heat the cleaning agent to increase the washing effect of the cleaning machine. The temperature is automatically controlled and can be adjusted at will within an appropriate range.

3) Cleaning tank: the cleaning tank is generally made of stainless steel by argon arc welding. The tank body is equipped with a slag removal manhole, thermal insulation and sound insulation layer, etc. to ensure that the water level should be at least 200 mm higher than the transducer box.

4) Tank liquid circulating filtration system. The system is equipped with a filter to dynamically filter the tank liquid to maintain cleanliness of the tank liquid. When the workpiece comes out of the groove, the filtered liquid flows through the spray link on the upper part of the groove to wash the workpiece once, so as to wash away the oil stain adhered to the surface of the workpiece when it comes out of the groove, so as to avoid its pollution to the next groove liquid.

5) Conveying system: determine the conveying mode and control mode of the ultrasonic cleaning machine according to the shape, volume, and batch of the cleaned workpiece.

6) Spray rinsing system: according to the surface condition of the cleaned workpiece, some cleaning machines are equipped with a spray rinsing process, which organically combines ultrasonic cleaning and sprays cleaning.

7) Drying system: according to the condition of the cleaned workpiece, some cleaning machines are equipped with a drying system, which is mainly composed of heaters, fans, blowing nozzles, etc. the temperature is automatically controlled.

Transducer stacking

Transducer stacking

Technical characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning agent

Good cleaning effect, high cleanliness, and consistent cleanliness of all workpieces.

The cleaning speed is fast, the production efficiency is improved, and there is no need for hands to contact the cleaning fluid, which is safe and reliable.

Deep holes, fine seams, and concealed parts of workpieces can also be cleaned.

No damage to the surface of the workpiece, saving solvents, heat energy, work site, and labor.

Items suitable for ultrasonic cleaning: mechanical parts with complex surfaces, uneven surfaces, blind holes, and some products that are particularly small and have high requirements for cleanliness, such as parts of clocks and precision machinery, electronic components, circuit board components, etc., can achieve ideal results by using ultrasonic cleaning

Wire installation

Wire installation

New development of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine

With the expansion of the scope of application, ultrasonic cleaning technology also has a new development. Traditional ultrasonic cleaning equipment is difficult to ensure the uniformity of parts cleaning due to the low degree of automation. In recent years, automatic ultrasonic cleaning equipment with a high degree of automation and strong flexibility has gradually appeared. It not only realizes the automatic control and batch operation of ultrasonic cleaning but also stabilizes the cleaning process and improves the cleaning quality. This kind of ultrasonic cleaning equipment combines ultrasonic cleaning with chemical cleaning, rinsing, dehydration, drying, and other processes, so it has very high cleaning efficiency. PLC control is usually used in transmission, drying, and cleaning, which realizes the full automation of the cleaning process.



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