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Ultrasonic cleaners use cleaning solutions with care

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  Pay attention to the careful use of cleaning fluid

In the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, must be strictly in accordance with the specifications of the order to operate, in particular, can not directly turn on the machine and then pour the cleaning fluid into it, which is a violation of the operation will cause serious consequences and even damage to equipment, so be sure to put the liquid in first and then turn on the switch. It is also important to take into account the composition of the cleaning fluid, which can be rich in flammable liquids, and to complete the operation within a short period of time.

ultrasonic cleaning agent 3

ultrasonic cleaning agent

  Special attention to the use of corrosive or volatile cleaning fluids requires special treatment

In general it is not recommended to use dangerous cleaning fluid, but if the situation is special, stressing that the ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers must use corrosive or volatile liquids, so should be used in an indirect way to carry out the appropriate treatment method. The specific method of operation should be in the cleaning tank inside the first add water, and then another container of cleaning fluid and put into the object to be cleaned, after they are immersed in the cleaning tank water inside, through this way to clean will also be in the same effect, but also to ensure the safety of the problem.

The power supply of the ultrasonic cleaner and the electric heater must have a good earthing device.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is expressly prohibited in the tank without water or solvent, never start, resulting in empty vibration, resulting in scrap or damage to the vibration head.

Cleaning equipment with a heating system is expressly forbidden to open the heating switch when there is no liquid.I suggest you have a look granboultrasonic cleaner. It can be used in sports equipment

It is expressly forbidden to hit the bottom of the cleaning cylinder with heavy objects (iron parts) to prevent damage to the energy converter chip.

The ultrasonic generator should be powered by a single 220V/50Hz power supply and equipped with a voltage regulator of 2000W or more.

The bottom of the cleaning cylinder should be flushed regularly to avoid excessive debris or stains.

ultrasonic cleaner

ultrasonic cleaner

Do not put your fingers into the cleaning tank during the operation of the cleaning machine, otherwise you will feel the sting or discomfort.

Each time you change the fluid, wait for the ultrasonic wave to start and then clean the parts.

It is strictly forbidden to use alcohol, petrol or other flammable gases as cleaning agents in the machine.

When cleaning directly with flammable liquids, the cleaning work should be completed in as short a time as possible and the operator should be asked not to leave the site.

When corrosive or volatile cleaning liquids are required, indirect cleaning methods can be used.

The best way to make the best ultrasonic cleaning effect, the ultrasonic cleaning tank temperature is the best 30 ~ 50 ℃, for different cleaning objects correct choice of cleaning agents. Cleaners are mainly divided into water-based (alkaline) cleaners, organic solvent cleaners and chemically reactive cleaners. Generally the most used water-based cleaning agent, according to the degree of contamination of the object being cleaned and the nature of the stain, choose a different cleaning time.

During use it is expressly forbidden to switch on the machine and then pour in the cleaning solution, as this can damage the equipment.

Remember that cleaning items must not be placed at the bottom of the cleaning tank and that special cleaning brackets should be used to clean the baskets, which will help to improve the cleaning effect.

ultrasonic cleaner

ultrasonic cleaner

Avoid running the machine continuously for as long as possible, no more than 30 minutes is preferable.

During use the cleaning or degassing solution should not be placed in the tank to a lesser extent, generally 2/3 of the tank is the best.

Need to pay attention to the factors that control the cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers do not recommend the need to clean things at the bottom, should have to use a special cleaning bracket for overhead in the middle of the position, so that when feeding can be evenly stressed to obtain a good cleaning effect.



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