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How to dilute multi enzyme cleaning solution in ultrasonic medical cleaner

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Multi enzyme detergent is a powerful combination of various biological enzymes, which can quickly and efficiently decompose dirt.  How to prepare medical multi enzyme detergent in laboratory ultrasonic cleaner? How often does it need to be replaced to make a powerful cleaning effect with medical ultrasonic cleaner?

Multi enzyme detergent is mainly used for effective cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of reusable surgical instruments after use. This step is the key to prevent and control hospital infection.

The multi enzyme cleaning agent can effectively remove the organic stains such as blood, fat, human mucus and tissue on the medical devices, as well as the proteins, sugars, fats, organic substances and dirt on the equipment, improve the cleaning quality of the medical devices, shorten the cleaning time, ensure the sterilization effect of the devices, and meet the disinfection needs of surgical operations.


How to prepare multi enzyme detergent?

For different stains, the dilution ratio of multi enzyme detergent is different.

Preparation of rapid multi enzyme lotion:

1. Heavy pollution – 1:100 (10ml enzyme per liter of water), soaking for 10 minutes;

2. Moderate pollution – 1:150 (7.5ml enzyme per liter of water), soaking for 10 minutes;

3. Slight pollution – 1:200 (5ml enzyme per liter of water), soaking for 5 minutes.

4. Manual or ultrasonic cleaning 1:150;

5. Machine wash 1:300-1:500.

Medical equipment 1

Medical equipment 1

Precautions for use of multi enzyme detergent:

1. The fast multi enzyme washing solution should be prepared on the spot;

2. Water temperature: 20-40 ℃ is suitable for water. The higher the temperature within this range, the better the effect. For example, about 37 ℃;

3. Avoid direct contact with skin and mucous membrane. In case of careless contact, clean it with clean water as soon as possible. Wear gloves and eye masks during operation.

4. Clean the cleaned articles with water.

Medical equipment 2

Medical equipment 2

What is the use method of multi enzyme detergent?

When in use, objects with stains shall be washed in diluted detergent, instruments with joints shall be fully opened, and the detergent shall be injected into the lumen instruments with syringes. Articles with serious pollution can be brushed under the water with soft brushes. Rinse with clean water after removal. For example, first clean the outside of the endoscopic instrument, and then clean the inside of the pipeline by injection.

Using industrial ultrasonic cleaner, multi-enzyme cleaning fluid can clean the medical devices more effectively.

1. Put water in the special ultrasonic cleaning equipment, then add enzyme according to the dilution ratio of 1:270 (or 1:100-1:300), and gently mix the multi enzyme solution.

2. Before multi-enzyme cleaning, clean running water should be used to clean the contaminated instruments, and the substances outside the instruments that can be washed away with clean water should be washed away first;

3. Then, multi-enzyme immersion and multi-enzyme cleaning have a strong effect, which can clean the materials on the surface of the instrument;

Medical equipment 3

Medical equipment 3

The multi enzyme cleaning fluid is mainly used for cleaning various medical instruments such as surgical instruments, pipes, rubber, medical plastics, instruments and laboratory utensils. If it is automatic cleaning, it can also be used for disinfection machines and ultrasonic cleaning machines to clean various soft and hard endoscope, surgical instruments, pipes, rubber, medical plastics, instruments, laboratory utensils and other medical instruments.


How often to change the multi enzyme detergent:

In order to avoid infection, the endoscope should be replaced every time it is cleaned. After multi enzyme dilution, the optimal activity is generally maintained for 3-4 hours. Therefore, it is best to use multi enzyme detergent and configure it when it is needed, so as to ensure the effect of multi enzyme detergent.


The above is the introduction of multi enzyme cleaning solution. For more cleaning of medical devices, please feel free to visit Granbosonic’s official website!



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