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Features and applications of gear ultrasonic cleaning machines

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        Features of gear ultrasonic cleaning machine

  1, very high parts surface cleanliness: to achieve the car, locomotive, aircraft bearings, gears and other complex components inside and outside the surface of the grease, gum and other dirt thorough cleaning to achieve the renovation of the cleaning effect.

  2、Greatly improve the cleaning efficiency: cleaning time can be greatly shortened compared with the traditional cleaning methods. Good economy: it is one tenth of the cost of petrol brushing.

  3, superior environmental performance: the use of water-based cleaning agent instead of gasoline, paraffin, alcohol and other solvents, safe and environmentally friendly.

ultrasonic cleaner woking form

 ultrasonic cleaner woking form

  4, the best ultrasonic configuration: support for high-intensity, long-time operation, the most advanced IGBT high-power integrated power supply, imported components transducer, unique gluing process, the oscillator never fall off; ultrasonic power steplessly adjustable.

  5, control cabinet, host any combination, water and electricity are completely separated, the operation is completely reliable. Automatic temperature control timing system, the lowest cost of use.

ultrasonic cleaner

ultrasonic cleaner

  6、Adopt automatic, intelligent robot transmission, reduce the labor intensity of employees, greatly meet the current needs of human resources.

  7、Setting vacuum drying system, effectively solving and dealing with the solid disease of rusting gears. I suggest you have a look granboultrasonic cleaner

  Application of gear ultrasonic cleaning machine

  1, Gears, power tool gears, garden tool gears, model car gears, pneumatic tool gears, yacht outboard gears, sewing machine gears, straight gears, beach car gears, fishing gears, car gears and other kinds of gears cleaning and drying.

  2、Widely used in bus companies, long-distance car transport companies in the repair and maintenance process of the bearing surface grease cleaning. It can be used in Auto parts

  3、Meet the cleaning requirements of bearings of micro cars, cars, light trucks, medium trucks to heavy trucks; also a large number of applications in the production and maintenance of locomotives and aircraft industry.

ultrasonic cleaner heating

ultrasonic cleaner heatingg

  4、Watches, jewellery, glasses, shaving heads, tableware, milk bottles, fruits and vegetables, combs, toothbrushes, coins, microstamps, golf balls, computer motherboards and accessories, printer nozzles, glassware, circuit boards, electroplated products, automotive parts, hardware parts, medical equipment, dentures and dental equipment, etc.

  5、Cleaning of spur gears, sprockets, tapered spiral bevel teeth, 45 degree spiral teeth, bevel gears, copper worm gears, small modulus worm gears and worm gears, etc.



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